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Application for... *teh gasp* NABOORU!

Amazing! I can't believe I found a Zelda RPG that actually seems active! Well, here's my application thing...please like me! :)

Name: Nabooru
Race: Gerudo
Age: Unknown, though she appears to be in her early thirties.
Appearance: With striking red hair, dark skin, a prominent nose and intensely burning yellow eyes, Nabooru resembles most other Gerudos. She flaunts her strong features, wearing an elaborate pink outfit that reflects the culture of her people; she pulls her vivid hair back into a sleek ponytail usually, not liking her vision to be obscured. A warrior to the core, she has a slim, tall, well-muscled body.
Personality: Stubborn to a fault, Nabooru will break before she bends. Trained to accept thievery and violence as appropriate ways to get what she wants, she has no problem in engaging in either activity. But despite her bellicose nature, Nabooru has a moral code that allowed her to see Ganondorf's inner corruption. Morality does not mean she's particularly friendly, however...antisocial and a loner, she's very suspicious of others' motives -- even with Ganondorf sealed away, she knows his supporters are still running about.
Likes: Weapons, honesty, and gullible Hylian men.
Dislikes: Corruption, weakness, and the King of Evil.
Hobbies: Horseback archery, swordplay, thievery, and toying with the feelings of Hylian men.
Abilities, weapons, powers: Like most Gerudo warriors, Nabooru carries two scimitar and a bow and arrow while on horseback -- but only rarely does she have to use them. A competent thief, she relies mostly on the quickness of her hands. She's also the Sage of Spirit, a position which lends her otherworldly powers impractical for use in her world. A large amount of these mysterious powers go toward keeping the King of Evil sealed away in his own parallel world, which can be quite taxing for her at times.
Origin: The Gerudo Valley and its fortress.
History: Born in Gerudo Valley, Nabooru grew up like most other Gerudos, spending copious amounts of time during her adolescence in the Training Ground. But as she emerged into adulthood, her easy thefts and shallow relationships with Hylian men made her feel empty somehow. It was not till Ganondorf attempted to enter the Sacred Realm that she discovered her life's purpose -- to keep him, an evil man, from using the Triforce for his corrupt purposes. She was not aware of how she might go about stopping him, however, until she met a boy named Link who saved her from the grip of Ganondorf's surrogate mothers and revealed to her her Sagehood. She became accustomed to her strange new power as Link fought the King of Evil and helped the other six Sages seal him away in the Sacred Realm once he was defeated. Once Ganondorf was sealed away and the Princess Zelda and her 'friends' decided to rejuvenate and rebuild, Nabooru slipped into the shadows of the desert again, trying to resurrect her image as the Lone Wolf Thief.
Family, friends: Due to the fact that a single Gerudo male is born every hundred years, Nabooru is related to all Gerudo...but she is called the Lone Wolf Thief for a reason. The Hero of Time and the other sages -- those are allies, not friends.

Player information
Name: Christie
Livejournal username: captainshat
AIM: iissomeness
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