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absitively, posolutely

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the deadness lately. Things have gotten kind of hectic in some peoples' offline lives, some people have been out of town, etc. But hopefully things will start picking up again soon. ^^

That said, I'd like to extend a very belated welcome to all of the new players. :) If you have any questions about any aspects of the game - plot, character involvements, etc. - feel free to send an IM over my way! My aim screenname is Shinzui Naru.

And for the benefit of all of the players, I thought I would lay out a few plot ideas that have been going on between the characters. You can find this below the LJ-cut.

So, first of all, Xaoc is a major element of manipulation in the game. It is capable of tricking people into doing its will, and does so with Telinia at some point, tricking her into helping him release the seal keeping Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm.

Anyone paying attention at this point should notice the problem with this. ;) In order to do this, to open the door to the Temple of Time, the three Spiritual Stones and Ocarina of Time are needed. Xaoc has the Ocarina covered - he tricks Zelda into retrieving it. I believe Telinia goes to get the Stones...? Not sure.

And, of course, the Master Sword has to be removed. For this, Xaoc and Telinia inlist Peran, an easily-motivated child with the courage necessary to weild the sword.

So, that's the bare bones of it. If any of you have anything to add, (I'm sure Damian will want a piece of the action, as well as a number of you.. :) ) please get in touch. This is your mod, signing out!

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