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Hi! I heard of this RP on another comm. I'd like to join, and I am indeed posting an app. so I'm not wasting space... but I have to warn you that there's a good chance I can't play if I have to post more than once a week, since I have computer access problems. And this would also be my first LJ-based RP, so I might need a little help getting the hang of it...

Name: Ruto
Race: Zora
Age: 20
Appearance: Ruto has the common blue skin and fins of the Zora, and her head is shaped like a blunt triangle. Her body is lithe and streamlined, perfect for speeding beneath the surface of the water. There is no hair on her body to speak of, and her eyes are red. She tends not to wear clothing, as the scales of her body obscure what most humans would consider indecent places, but in certain places she will don a short, loose lavender dress.
Personality: Being the princess of the Zora, Ruto is used to having her way and isn't above whining, temper tantrums, and manipulation to getting what she wants, if she wants it bad enough. She's as strong-willed as they come. A first impression may lead one to believe that she is nothing more than a selfish, spoiled little bitch.
However, beneath the little-rich-girl exterior, Ruto is a strong, friendly young woman who wants nothing more than to have peace and good friends all around -- with the exception of a few fights to liven things up once in a while. She's still just a little infatuated with Link, though she's trying to convince herself it's from waiting for him for seven years.
Likes: Water, swimming, Link, fighting, racing, Epona
Dislikes: electricity, dry heat, fishing, being compared to a fish as an insult
Hobbies: racing, flirting, fighting
Abilities, weapons, powers: She carries a dagger, but prefers hand-to-hand combat or, better yet, combat in the water, as she is usually the better swimmer and can easily drown her opponent. She has a limited control over water and water magics (can make water move from place to place, depending on the distance and quantity of water; can manipulate water to take a certain form and physically attack a person, though the water "creature" is pretty weak)
Origin: Lake Hyrule
History: Ruto was born the only child of the Kind and Queen of the Zora. Her mother, who had already been in ill health, took a turn for the worse, slowly fading, until she died not long after Ruto's third birthday. Her father had already been indulgent with his little girl, but after his wife's death he rarely denied his daughter anything. Nothing he gave her was valued more than her mother's sapphire memento, however.
Having no one to really look after her, Ruto began to get into trouble... and so she was put in charge of feeding Lord Jabu Jabu. When he began to act strangely and swallowed her when she fed him one day, she was shocked and somewhat grateful when Link appeared to rescue her -- and, being the princess that she was, she got a case of the classic "knight in shining armor" infatuation many girls get for their heroes, which led to her giving up her precious jewel, though only, of course, as an engagement ring.
Once Ganon gained the Triforce and enforced his rule over Hyrule, Ruto took part in a resistance force, alternating between guerilla attacks on Ganon's forces and waiting by the temple for Link, who she sincerely believed would come back.
After learning she was the Sage of Water, and after the battle for the Triforce, she began to participate in leading the Zora, regrouping them and rebuilding the nation of aquatic people.
Family, friends: King Zora, Link

Player information
Name: Sarah/Spawnie
Livejournal username: thesaneminority
AIM/MSN contact: AIM: Kitty Spawnie
MSN: disgruntledfemale01@yahoo.com

Somebody please correct me if I have any information wrong (in a blatant, OMG I can't believe she's so stupid! kind of way). It's been a couple years since I played OoT, because my N64 died. Now I have to see if I can salvage a copy for Gamecube online...

*cough* Anyway, I hope this is satisfactory. (And if the abilities are too Sue-ish, then IM me and I'll be glad to work it out so that they're within reason.) Ja ne!
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