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Hello.  I found this RPG and thougt it would be fun to join.  I was wondering if I could be Link form A Link to the Past.  You already stated that this was an alternate universe of OoT, so could two Links coexist?



Name: Link

Race: Hylian


Appearance:  Link has blond hair and brown eyes.  He is dressed in a sturdy red mail with a long sleeved shirt underneath.  He wairs a purple hat with a gold ring near the base of the hat.

Personality: Link is a very determind person.  If a person comes to him for help, he will gladly help them for nothing.

Likes: The Princes Zelda, his cabin that he lived in with his uncle, his uncle.

Dislikes: Anyone who uses dark magic, people who kill for evil gains, drowning(thats what the magic flippers are for)

Hobbies:  Link's favorite pasttimes include practicing his swordsmanship and hanging out at the edge of the lost woods with the Bumpkin brothers

Origin:  Hyrule.

Abilities/wepons/powers:  Link Owns the Golden Sword, given to him by a faire in the Pyramid of Power, The Mirror Shild, and the Bombos, Either and Quake madalions and a ton of other stuff wich I don't feel like writeing down.

History: At a young age, his parents past way, living him in the care of his uncle. His family is the last of the Order of Knights that protected the Royalty of Hyrule untill the great war to seal the Dark World. One night, Link and his uncle awoke to a strange voice.  The voice told them to rescue a girl in the castle's dungon.  After being told to stay behind, Link went anyways, only to find his uncle dying.  Link took up the family blade and went forth to save the captor, only to find out that it was the princes Zelda.  Apon hearing of what the evil wizard Agnaham was doing, Link went on a quest to win three pendents of virtue, Courage, Power and Wisdom, to obtain the Master Sword.  while fighting the wizard, he was draged into the Dark World.  From that point Link fought his way to Ganon, the root of evil in this world.  When Link touched the Triforce, the world went back to normal, or so he thought.  He is now begining to relize that the Light World he is in now, is not the same world as before.

Family:  His uncle

Friends: none in this strange world


Player information

Name: Alonzo

Livejournal: aldric_stien



I hope this is good.  I personaly never played OoT, but I know many theams are the same. If I need to, I will read up on the story.

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