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Characters: Link and Telinia
Setting: sometime after Link left Aryliss and Jurngorn left Gerudo Valley.
Location: Gerudo Valley (specifically, fortress and archery field)

It was another typical night in Gerudo Valley, with Telinia standing guard not too far from the training ground again. When her relief came shortly after sunup, she left to get some breakfast. After Telinia ate, she left the mess hall and started walking towards her quarters. She was probably going to get some sleep, as it was starting to get too hot to consider walking in the desert, and she needed some rest after being on guard duty all night. As she neared her quarters, she saw something near the entrance to the she watched, the thing came closer, to reveal a brown horse being ridden by a male in green. Telinia shook her head, marveling at the folly of a male trotting into the fortress so blithely, then gaped slightly as the guards allowed him to pass. As she got a better look at him, she started to recognize him as the male that earned a Gerudo pass for his fighting prowess, back when Ganondorf was king...

And a'galloping the hero came! A pair of gloved-hands held the mane of his 'noble steed' Epona, who held her head high with equal conceitedness as the rider. No guards stopped his climb up the dirt ramp, though none paid him any mind either, even as he attempted a wave. Link flashed a toothy grin and a wink towards one of the red-haired woman; she struck him a deadly glance and the hero quickly recoiled.

Telinia glared at the man as he winked at her, quickly drawing her twin swords. Pass or no pass, she was not about to let a stranger think he could ride around as if he owned the place...however, she knew the folly of attacking a man that earned his pass, and settled for merely glaring at him and saying, "Why are you here?"

He offered another sheepish grin and removed the dirty green cap, holding it tightly between two figity hands. "Well, ma'am, I'm here to practice my archery, like any good ol' hero should... don'tcha think?"

Telinia lowered her guard slightly, noting the bow and quiver slung behind his back, and felt slightly honored that he thought the Gerudo archery field was the best place for practice. However, his words triggered another memory from the time of Ganondorf's that it was a man with blonde hair, a blue earring, and green clothing that had been the one to defeat Ganondorf and helped seal him other words, the man in front of her. Her competitive spirit started to awaken, thinking it would be interesting to see who could outshoot whom, and offered, "How about we make a contest of your archery practice?"

The hero lifted a furry, blonde brow at the offer. Was it mockery? A better question: Could Link really refuse such a chance to brag? Answer: No. And so, with an lopsided grin and an outstretched hand, the boy cheered, "Bring it on! We'll see who the real hero is!"

Telinia glared disdainfully at the outstretched hand, thinking that anyone that acts like such a braggart probably got lucky, both at the fortress and against Ganondorf. However, she resolved to do her best, just in case he actually was a worthy opponent, and said, "Very well. Give me a moment to fetch my arrows..."

The boy patted his horse gently on the side; Epona grunted and waved her tail. The same stupid grin he'd always gotten during a challenge coaxed his face, as he waited eagerly for the Gerudo to return.

Telinia walked to her quarters to get her bow and quiver of arrows, then went to the Gerudo's stable for her horse. After saddling the horse, she rode out to where Link was waiting, patting his horse..."I'm back. Are you ready to go to the archery field?"

"Ready as ever!" the Hero chimed and mounted Epona, who'd been idly shuffling her hooves into the sand. A gloved hand reached behind him with a clasp on his fairy bow.

Telinia nodded and started riding towards the archery field, looking over her shoulder to make sure the boy was following...Th'a!

Oh, he was. Epona strode close behind at Link's will. Though she strongly seemed to disapprove, Link rode close to the Gerudo's horse, bent on passing it. The young Hero seemed to be asking for trouble as they continued up the dirt mound to the archery game.

Telinia shook her head, and allowed the boy to wouldn't prove anything to her, besides reinforce her opinion of him...What's wrong with you? People are not supposed to get a reaction this readily from matter how obnoxious they are, she thought to herself as she continued riding behind him. At least he wasn't right next to her anymore...

"KLUNK," the boy's shield hit the dirty ground with a loud noise. The hilt and sword followed after. The blonde lolled his head towards her, cooing almost, "Gotta be as light as possible, right?" His bow was tucked under his arm, while Link idly checked the arrows in his quiver.

Telinia tried to keep a neutral face, but around this idjit, it was extremely difficult to do...she didn't know why exactly, but he just rubbed her the wrong way. She looked over at him and replied, "Yes, that's always a good thing, although I don't see how it will help you any. are the rules we in the valley go by: Each person has fifteen arrows, and can ride their horses for one lap around the field. Shoot your arrows at the targets posted around the field. After both contestants finish, the points are tallied and the person with the higher score wins. Of course, it goes without saying that you get more points the closer to the bullseye you get. Your arrows are styled a bit differently from those in the valley, so distinguishing them will not be a problem later." She knew she sounded somewhat patronizing, but she felt he deserved that...the only thing that would impress her at this point would be if he was better at archery than he was at annoying everyone...

Link kept the same coy grin he always had plastered on his face. It seemed he had expected the challenge and, halfway through her speech, began trotting to the starting point. Link disregarded fifteen arrows on the floor, and gave the remaining a light kiss on the feathers, as if to taunt her further. He loaded the first gently into his bow, Epona squirming beneath him. "Yah, yah. So, will you count me off?"

Telinia watched him, thinking he was doing an excellent job making a fool of himself, and told him "Generally we don't count down; however, I will do so for you. Ready?!"

"Hya!" The Hero called, nudging Epona's sides with his boots. She veered off in the right direction, pacing herself in order to beat the clock but to give Link enough time to shoot. The boy knocked an arrow-- it soared and bulls eyed the 100. He released another toward the jar near the foot of the target and hit that, too. His fingers released and reloaded almost rhythmically; his right eye was shut tightly, and the boy had a habit of biting his tongue as if in deep thought. Epona galloped on, and so far, Link had managed to gather a good amount of points from the first stretch with only one or two flawed 60's. He made it to the first round about, cocked himself upward, held the bow up towards the sky to hit the mark when-- "Good Din!" Link winced at the blazing sun. He tried to focus, but it was helpless. He released his seventh arrow way up into the sky, only grazing the very edge of the traget. Nevertheless, he had to continue. Link angrily fired his last eight arrows, which hit accordingly. His last, at the roundabout, marked a 60, and Epona rode in.
"Your turn," the blonde scoffed.

Telinia watched the Hylian. She was impressed at how he handled his bow during the first part of the lap, but then shook her head when she saw him miss the seventh target...How can someone miss something that easy...? she thought, then she saw the look on his face, and realized that he wasn't used to the sun blazing right in his face, at least not how the sun tends to stare right in your face most of the day in the valley, with a blazing heat not felt in most of Hyrule. She shook her head slightly when he started to let his anger mar his shooting. When he finished and rode over to where Telinia was waiting, she already had her bow in hand, first arrow cocked, and said, "My turn, huh? Very well." Telinia rode out to the track, not thinking about anything other than the rhythms of her horse galloping and her shooting and reloading her arrows. She didn't seem to pay attention to her aiming; she just released her arrows and reloaded. As she turned the bend, she narrowed her eyes slightly to deal with the bright sun, and seemed unfazed, if her shooting was any indication. She continued firing her arrows at the targets, seeming almost in a trance until she finished. She rode towards where Link and Epona waited, and finally looked back at where her arrows hit...she had hit all of the targets, and out of the fifteen, only one was not a bullseye, although it was close...

Link stood in half awe, half anger. Inside, he was bubbling like Death Mountain volcano ready to erupt ... But the Hero wouldn't lose his cool. No, the Hero of Time. He was much too good for that. "G-" Link began, sputtering, eyes shut, eyebrows knit tightly, a gloved hand outstretched, "Good game, ne? You're quite the archer..." his teeth grinded together as he smiled, attempting to keep his calm.
The Hero aroused another thought, but kept it hushed... what if he were ever up against someone like her? Someone who could obviously out-arch him? Nonsense! That's all it was. She just got lucky.

Telinia smiled slightly, shook his hand and said, "Thank you." All the while, she was thinking okay, how did he ever defeat Ganondorf? I knew the man somewhat, he was the only Gerudo that could outfight me on a regular basis, and how did you beat him? Grah, you either got lucky, he allowed his emotions to control him like you did with the latter part of your shooting, or both... Of course, none of what she was thinking showed on her face...

He'd continued shaking Telina's hand in idle thought and finally realeased it. "You're welcome! It was an honor! Aha!" Sloppliy, he gathered his shield and biggoron sword/hilt. They felt heavy; he felt embarrassed and slumped back onto his horse, whose head also seemed to hang in defeat.

Telinia looked at the boy, noting how he seemed to be rather embarrassed by his performance, and noticed that he didn't seem nearly as cocky as he did when he entered...she was glad for that, hoping that maybe his defeat would make him a touch less arrogant...although I'm probably hoping for too much...

Perhaps he would be a sliver less cocky around these parts, but anywhere else.. not a chance! He was still the Hero fo Time afterall! His fans would be discouraged if he were. So, he bid the woman a cheery fairwell and held his head high. "Hya!" He called and he and Epona rode off towards the bridge that connected Gerudo Valley and Hyrule field.
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