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Try-Out for Saria

Hi! I have been wanting to join this RPG for a while, and I finally decided to stop being lazy and try-out!! ^_^ I'm hoping that I can RP as Saria. Here's my profile for her:

Name: Saria
Race: Kokiri
Age: She doesn't age, but she appears to be 10
Appearance: Green hair, Green eyes, Light skin
Personality: Usually very kind and gentle, and she also cares a lot about her friends
Likes: Friends, flowers and plants, helping others out
Dislikes: Liars, pity, men who try to sweet-talk
Hobbies: Exploring, playing the ocarina
Abilities, weapons, powers: Well, she can play the ocarina, which can have some magical effects if certain songs are played, and she's also the Sage of the Forest, which means that she also has a few magical abilities
Origin: Kokiri Forest
History: Saria was Link's best friend when he lived in the Kokiri Forest. She often tried to keep the other Kokiri kids from making fun of him when he was the only kid that didn't have a fairy partner, and she was the only one of the Kokiris who didn't blame Link for the Deku Tree's death. When Ganondorf took over Hyrule, Saria became trapped in the Forest Temple. When Link defeated Ganon's ghost in the temple, Saria was reawakened as the Sage of the Forest. Although Saria seems somewhat sad that she and Link have to live separate lives now, she still loves him as a friend, and the two can keep in touch using "Saria's Song" on the Ocarina.
Family, friends: Her friends are Link, the Deku Tree, and the Kokiri kids, although I'll admit that in a way, you could consider the Deku Tree and Kokiri kids her family...

Player information
Name: Sarah
Livejournal username: yamidragonfire
AIM/MSN contact: sonikku808 (AIM)
E-mail address:

My AIM isn't working right now, so the best way for you to contact me is probably by email. I haven't played OoT in a while, either, so if I need to correct any of the info on Saria above, please let me know!! ^_^
~*Yami Dragon Fire*~
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