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Entwined Fates

Time passes. People move. Like a river's flow, it never ends...

A Legend of Zelda RPG
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Welcome to The Legend of Zelda: Entwined Fates, a new role-playing game centered mostly around Ocarina of Time. Some elements will most likely hint to other games as well.

This game is moderated by Naru, naru_chan.

-Serious/mature role-players only, please! Please do not consider joining if you cannot dedicate a certain amount of time to the game!

-The game is in prose form. No ifs, ands, or buts. This means that you might want to consider grammar. And tYpIn LyK dIs is not acceptable.

-Please post an introductory entry when you first join, with your character information (This is the basic application template). If your character violates any of the rules here, it will be deleted and you will be given a reason why. If you cannot comply with the rules, you will be given three warnings and then be banned from the community.

-Note that before your character is accepted, I will contact you over AIM (or e-mail, whichever you have) and speak with you about your characters - what your goals are for them, their personalities, et cetera. This is more like an extension of the character profile, as well as a chance for me to get to know you personally. ^^ Also, if you're picking up a game character, I will ask you about their relationship to other characters around them. :)

-No power-play, god-moding, etc etc. This means, basically, only play your own character. You are not allowed to control other characters' actions in any way. If you decide to post a log of a role-play you did over AIM or e-mail, that's another story. Please make a note in your entry that the session has already been played out.

-No god-like characters. Please. This is not Dragonball or the like, it's Zelda, and characters do have flaws.

-Please try to post at least once in two weeks. I understand that life gets in the way, but I think two weeks is a gracious time period. If you do not post for long periods of time and do not contact anyone with a reason why, you will be warned once, and after three warnings, you will be removed from the game. That said, please let me (naru_chan) know if you will be absent for an extended period of time!

-You are allowed up to 3 characters of any combination, except that you cannot play three game characters. You may, however, play: 2 game characters and 1 original, 2 original and 1 game, 1 game, et cetera.

-A note on crossover characters and races: Crossover characters are generally not accepted. We can't have 2 Links or 2 Zeldas running around! However, character ideas (example: Hera, as a namesake for the Tower of Hera in A Link to the Past) will be considered...also, races from other games (Rito, Lynel, et cetera), as well as lesser-used races from Ocarina of Time and other games (deku scrubs and the like) are acceptable. If you're unclear on this rule or confused, please feel free to ask questions.

-On that note, if you are unsure about anything or have any questions, pease ask them! I am more than willing to answer, and I promise I don't bite. ;)

-Enjoy the game!

Character application: http://www.livejournal.com/users/entwinedfates/499.html

Game characters
Link - Taken - tsukiyohoaya
Zelda - Taken - naru_chan
Malon - Taken - fadedjae
Impa - Taken - kotukawi
Ganon\Ganondorf - Taken - ladykaiyu
Darunia - Taken - epydemik
Nabooru - Taken - captainshat
Ruto - Taken - thesaneminority
Rauru - Taken - azrulu_shihala
Deku Tree Sprout
Goron Link
King Zora

If you would like to play a character (or a race of character) that is not listed here, please post a request in the journal!

Original characters
Telinia - ladykaiyu
Xaoc - ladykaiyu
Peran - naru_chan
Kassa - invaliduser4444
Feather - kotukawi
Jurngorn - starallon
Damian - renocicilia
Nevsha - azrulu_shihala

Images can be credited to Melora of History of Hyrule. Go visit her site, it's a wonderful stop for almost everything Zelda!