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trying out...

I was trying to try out for a character that i made on my own.

Name: Joan
Race: Hylian
Age: 12
Apperence: Usually looking like Zelda, she can sometimes look exactly like her. The only exception is her hair and her eyes. Zelda's eyes are blue, Joan's eyes are brown. Zelda's hair is blonde, Joan's hair is dark brown.
Personality: Joan is very smart, and can find her way out of any situation. She is cute and kind, but has one downside. She feels little compassion for the poor.
Likes: Archery, reading, swords fighting, anything sweet, warm weather, swimming.
Dislikes: Darkness, poor people, too hot of weather, cold weather, monsters, heights.
Hobbies: Spending all of her money, chess, archery, swimming, reading, horseback riding, helping Malon tend to her animals.
Abilities, weapons, powers: Bow and Arrows, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, Light Arrows and sometimes a sword.
Origin: Born in Aryliss, she is an lesser known cousin of Zelda. She hopes to take some place on the throne sometime in her life, but she can't with her hatrid for poor people!
History: Has a knack for getting in trouble. She loves bending the rules untill right before she breaks them (Or something else!) She has lived with Zelda for a few years, learning manner and proper attitude. But she loves getting in troble every once in a while!
Family and Friends: Her family consists of Zelda, Impa and the King and Queen of Hyrule. Her mom and dad died when Gannondorf took over as the King of Evil. Only a child, Joan survived off of her wits. After Gannondorfs reign ended, she found Zelda and lived with her up until the present day. The only friends she have are Malon and Saria. She only got to talk to Saria once via Saria's Song when they first met. She has memorized the song and now talks to her when she is bored or in need of help. Joan helps Malon care for her animals.
Joan is the holder of the Silver Triforce of Wisdom. No one has no idea how this happened, but she had been smart from birth, being able to read at the age of 3. can this be why she is so smart?

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