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Ok, after reading past posts, here comes Damian.

Wind struck his face; cold, icy-cold. Those ruby irises opened to the chilling, desert wind nipping at his form yet again. Another night with a blanket of ice as his only comfort. He sneered.

"..I suppose you are trying to tell me that he has, indeed lost?" He spoke to the elements and chuckled softly to himself. Damian slowly placed a Hylian pipe into his mouth and lit the tip with some fire magic he had recieved from the Gerudo Training ground. Smoke poured from the man's nostrils in the forms of whispy phantoms that slowly dissipated into nothingness.

"...You lost. How could you lose? You had it all in your grasp; all of it, and you lost." He closed his eyes slowly and lifted the pipe from his lips. "..But I suppose power corrupts neh? You thought you were a God, and yet, my other half destroyed you with that pitiful sage, Zelda. It makes me sick." Damian spat on the ground of his room and grumbled. Damian pushed himself up and stared at the wall opposite of him.

"You let the damned princess retake the THROWN!" Damian grabbed a book on Gerudo religion and chucked it across the room, causing various cups and some arrows to clatter against the floor. He sighed and inhailed on his pipe.

"..Do you know what these means for me? Christ, the world is trying to kill off everything that comes from the shadows. Hell, I never worked with you, but Ganondorf, you messed up, big time." Damian gritted his teeth as he chewed on the tip of his pipe.

"But maybe, just maybe, we can do something about this..problem." He laughed softly. "...Wasn't there something about pulling the master sword to open the realm? Well, I am part of Link, there should be no reason for me not to be able to pick up the master sword." He chuckled. "..No reason at all right?" Damian stood up and grinned at his reflection in the mirror on his wall.

"..I think it's time I payed the Hylian Market a visit." His eyes trailed down at his pet Wolfo, which was rubbing between his legs. "..Black Death, I think it's time we head out." the wolfo let out a loud howl before galloping around in circles. "..Yes, I am glad you are excited..." Damian headed over to a large trunk situated next to his wall and opened it. Inside were various arrows; some were magically inhanced, such as the fire, ice and dark arrows, while the others were not, but they were hand crafted by a Gerudo woman that lived in the complex. Damian grinned.

"Perfect.." The Hylian grabbed his blade from the trunk and sheathed it before placed his bow upon his back and loading his case full of arrows. He turned to the Wolfo. "..Come Black, let us ride to Hylian Square this fine evening!" Damian headed out of his home and whistled, causing his black stallion to gallop to his side. Quickly, he mounted the beast and Black Death promptly jumped on the back behind his master.

"Tonight the darkness rides and in the morning, we shall make sure the Phoenix of the Skies never gets a chance to become reborn!" With that, Damian rode off.

[OOC: Sorry about the post earlier x.x]
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