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2nd sage

Name: Darunia
Race: Goron
Age: ???
Appearance: Large Goron, you know what Gorons look like.
Personality: Arrogant and obnoxious
Likes: Rocks, Brotherhood, other Gorons, Heroes, Bombs.
Dislikes: Bad people, Dragons.
Hobbies: hes a sage, he does what sages do
Abilities, weapons, powers:
Origin: He was born a gorgon, whatelse is there?
History: As the leader of the Gorons and defender of the Death Mountain's Fire Temple, Dariuna is more than a little intimidating. However, as Link discovers when the Sage guiltlessly danced to Saria's Song and offered a bone-crushing hug of congratulations after Death Mountain's liberation, Dariuna is one of the more generous and accepting of the Sages. Protective of his trusting people and more than willing to put his life on the line, I would think he and Zelda see eye to eye on more issues than some of the other Sages, even if they are not seen speaking during the game. However, I think, if the occasion were to arise, Dariuna would be more than willing to help Zelda with whatever plight she may have, and take her insight to heart.
Family, friends: link and the other sages

Player information
Name: David T
Livejournal username: epydemik
AIM/MSN contact: aim-epydemik2,

i do have a question, are the sages restricted to the chamber of sages or what?
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