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Character application #2

Name: Rauru
Race: Hylian
Age: unknown
Appearance: Rauru is short and stocky, with a white mustache and sideburns. He is usually seen wearing long, brown robes with embroidery on it that resembles the markings on various artifacts around Hyrule, including the warp-points. Despite his rather unassuming exterior, anyone that looks at him can tell there's something...extra about him, even if that person cannot figure out what that "something" is.
Personality: He's rather serious and to-the-point, preferring not to talk around an issue but to confront it head-on. This also extends to actions--however, he does recognize when it is necessary to make plans instead of just running headlong into whatever problem he faces. Although he may seem to be rather stern at first glance, anyone getting to know him would instantly know that he very good-hearted, and more than happy to help you out in any way that he could help.
Likes: the "good" traits in people, his fellow Sages and the Hero of Time, good food, music, helping people
Dislikes: powers of darkness, people attempting to overtake what he has sworn his life to protect, lazy people, out-of-tune music, burnt food.
Hobbies: none currently, due to his constant vigil to keep Ganondorf out of the Chamber of Sages. However, before he became a Sage he truly enjoyed cooking and listening to music (or even better, playing along with that music). In addition, he spent much of his free time helping people with various things.
Abilities, weapons, powers: As the Sage of Light, Rauru has vast powers of light unparalleled by anyone in Hyrule. However, his power is dependent on how strong the powers of darkness are near him--if the powers of darkness are strong around him, this severely limits his powers. He rarely uses his powers for direct offensive attacks, preferring to use his powers for indirect (yet potent) effects such as sealing and protection.
Origin: Telnor, a small town located in southern Hyrule.
History: Prior to becoming the Sage of Light, Rauru was a respected citizen of the small town of Telnor. Although not one of the elders, he was highly respected in the town due to his compassionate ways and his willingness to help out anyone that desired his help with something, whether it be advice or helping to build a house, or anything in between. In fact, it was these qualities that caused Rauru to be chosen to become the Sage of Light and guardian of the Sacred Realm not too long before the war. When the entrance to the Sacred Realm was opened nine years ago, he sealed the Hero of Time in the Chamber of Sages until he could fulfill his destiny. Two years ago, he helped seal Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm. Just prior to doing this, he reworked the links to Hyrule so that the only connection to that world would be the Chamber of Sages, which would prevent Ganondorf from re-entering Hyrule as long as someone could prevent him from entering the Chamber and as long as the Master Sword remained in its place at the Temple of Time. Although his power is weakened by most of the realm being under Ganondorf's control, he has just enough power to prevent Ganondorf from entering the Chamber, and has been doing this for the past two years.
Family, friends: He lived with his wife at Telnor. In addition, he had three children and seven grandchildren, and he considered most of the people in Telnor as friends. Also, he sees his fellow Sages and Link as a family of sorts.
Any other information you want to put in: I looked through the earlier entries, and found LadyKaiyu's post hinting where Rauru was. After talking with her, I decided that I would work with what she started, and develop the character from there. I hope this is okay:)

Player information
Name: Shihala
Livejournal username: azrulu_shihala
AIM/MSN contact: azrulushihala
E-mail address:
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